Sunday, October 26, 2014

nathan halsey

Nathan Halsey is the CEO of Bellatorra Skin Care. A skin care company with a unique time release delivery system provides greater, and more efficient skin penetration, releasing the key ingredients slowly over a 48 hour time period nathan halsey. It delivers key ingredients where they are most needed and for a longer time period - while
reducing skin irritation and optimizing dosage.

Nathan has been married for 10 years to his wife Kristin. The two have three children, Jensen (8), Hudson (7), and Preston (5). Mr. and Mrs. Halsey are the founders of Beyond.Me., the philanthropic arm of Bellatorra that focuses on children in need non-profits around the world. For fun, Nathan is an avid exotic car enthusiast, cross trainer, and world traveler. Mr. Halsey also serves as President of the Dallas Police Association, the only business non-profit to support the Dallas Police Department.

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