Sunday, November 9, 2014

stop smoking laser

Are you thinking about quitting smoking?
Is it too expensive?
Fact: An average 1 pack per day smoker in NYC spends $12.75 per pack
That's almost $90 a week
Almost $400 a month
Close to $5000 per year and 50,000$ over 10 years

Or maybe it's your health?
Imagine: that morning cough and lock of air never going away.
Well that's life with emphysema or cancer.

Have you made up your mind to quit?
STOP Now with highly effective laser method at City Laser Lab New York.

But, what is laser therapy for smoking?
Well cravings, irritability and mood swings are 3 major obstacles everyone fears.
Laser therapy eliminates most of the physical withdrawal symptoms by blocking the nicotine receptors in your brain stop smoking laser
An FDA approved cold laser is used to stimulate accu points on your body which causes the release of endorphins
City laser lab is here to help you detoxify nicotine from your body as well, and walk you step by step thru the entire quitting process.
CALL CITY LASER LAB TODAY at 347-815-4116 and make your appointment with the experts
and you can visit our website for video success stories, testimonials and more detailed information

City Laser Lab is conveniently located at 113-25 Queens Blvd. Suite 124, Forest Hills NY 11375
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