Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Automatic Pet Feeder

Multi Pet Households: How to stop them eating each other’s food!
Anyone with multiple pets knows feeding time is a circus! Making sure each pet gets its proper allowance requires many hands and a lot of patience. Eventually frustration sets in and owners just give up, what is seemly an impossible task! Even if you know how much pets should eat, how do you ensure they actually eat it? Once the food is in the bowl it is fair game for all!
Separating animals into different rooms at meal times works, until you get tired of doing it, cleaning up the mess and tripping over their bowls. When do pets share 
Automatic Pet Feeder, frequently the dominant cat gets the lion’s share! The fat cat gets fatter and the thin one gets positively skinny! 
Wireless Whiskers has introduced high tech solutions that will preserve the sanity of pet owners. The automatic pet feeder works by attaching wireless tags to each pet’s collar. Whenever a pet approaches the feeder it is recognized by name. You decide if the pet is allowed to use the feeder, how much food and how frequently. If you want to lock the dog out of the cat’s food - no problem.

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