Tuesday, August 30, 2016

non-woven bags uk

BAGFACTORY is a non-woven eco bags manufacturer in Lithuania, Europe specialized in producing non-woven eco bags by innovative sewing technology. The technology enables us to produce the finest finishing, beautifully designed and durable environmental friendly non-woven eco bags. Conventional needle-and-thread sewing method is being replaced with the new technology, which can achieve economy of scale, and provide a more competitive price to customers.SHOPPING BAGS

BAGFACTORY uses polypropylene non-woven (PP non-woven) material to produce our environmental friendly eco bags. PP non-woven is a recyclable plastic material; it is breathable, reusable, washable, recyclable, strong, extremely lightweight 
non-woven bags uk, comfortable and soft. It is a perfect choice for companies who are looking to produce environmental friendly eco bags as their promotional item for marketing purposes. 

With our factory and production team located in Lithuania, Europe we are able to accept custom-made orders to fulfill the customers’ needs and requirements.

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