Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Qassim University

Qassim University is a prestigious university located in Qassim province of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2004 and rapidly became a leader of innovation and teaching excellence. The main campus of Qassim University covers about eight square kilometers and lies in the heart of the region. It has around 5000 teaching staff members and 80 thousands students. Several colleges have achieved international accreditation and others are approaching.
The university has become a main hub of research in the region and the whole kingdom and continues to serve its community in many different ways Qassim University.
There are 42 colleges in the University and around 15 Campuses, distributed in the main campus and around the region, making it one of the largest universities in Saudi Arabia although relatively new.
It has shown excellent potential for strengthening its position by developing its core strengths in teaching, Research and community services. It has also shown initiatives in arranging International Seminars and conferences in order to develop relations with global academic peers.​​​ The University is the fastest advancing in Saudi Arabia regarding ranking in the webometrics classification.

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