Friday, May 29, 2015

cami worldwide maths tutors online

Cami Worldwide is an industry leader in the mathematics education sector, specialising primarily in maths games online and maths education for students in New Zealand. Cami provides a renowned education platform for students that both challenges and educates them cami worldwide maths tutors online. The CAMI maths education system does the majority of its tuition via an online portal training and maths games however students have access to experienced and qualified tutors who they can call into when required.

Cami Worldwide has offices globally and caters for students internationally who are engaged in a variety of school systems. One of their main locations is in New Zealand and they have a re-seller network of trained mathematics professionals located in Auckland, Chrustchurch, Dunedin, Wellington and Nelson.

If you are a parent in New Zealand and are looking for a unique and challenging mathematics coaching program then CAMI may be a cost effective option for your child. To find out more follow CAMI over at Twitter or visit their website at

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